Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Crib???

Not that I’m picking on SoBo, but certain characteristics about the town make me raise an eyebrow at the so called elitism of Mumbai (nay… here, it’s apt to say Bombay!) The residential and commercial buildings here may be rock solid, built during the British rule as they were. But the constant dripping and leaking from these buildings that hit your head while you walk below them, take you by surprise.

*assuming the posture of The Thinker*

1 minute ...

3 minutes…

 5 minutes…

Well, I feel ashamed of myself that I haven’t gotten over this phenomenon, despite being a Mumbaiite all my life. My BAD!!! L I mean, even a prisoner in the filthiest environment gradually gets adapted to the stench and filth around him, then why can’t I, a Mumbaiite? And what is SO terrible about the city eh?

The garbage dump at select spots?

The clogged drains?

The potholes?


(Sigh!) Grow up girl!!!

Just look around. When varied species can feel at home at various public places of this magnanimous city, when rats and rodents can live here, in the island city – capital of Maharashtra :O – then why can’t YOU, a part of the species with superior intellect, be sportive enough to live like a KING in this KINGDOM???

(-- the above question was an open-ended one, the answers to which can be completely subjective --)


  1. hence the age old challenging question-"are you a mouse or a man?"

  2. When it keeps changing everyday, I mean when the pollution and all the filth increases day-by-day I guess it becomes hard to adapt....for people who are searching for easy answers everywhere.