Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smoke Away....NOT!

So there i was, sweating in the not so famous Mumbaiya heat, trying to hail a cab and finding my packet of milds in my bag which has just about a million things inside it (I think i once lost an elephant in there.)

On top of that I had ten minutes to make it to class or else I would have to entrap myself in the torturous confines of the (stupid) students lounge...

Got a cab!- check
Got a smoke in my hand!- check
Found a light!- CHECK!

and then..

just as i light that finely rolled, fresh out-of-the-packet cigarette the cab driver looks back at me, almost empathetically and says "Madam taxi me Esmokin ka CHALAN hai ab!"

"what the duce!" i thought, but to my utter disappointment it's true! Since when did cab drivers and passengers want cleaner air (this being one of the reasons behind the ban!)??? What about all that factory smoke in places like Andheri and Bhandup? Will they shut down shop?

Alas! Smoking in cabs can cost you 1200 bucks on the spot! and 300 for the cabbie too! No mercy!

It'll take some getting used to but i guess at the end of the day I'll be cutting almost 50% down on smoking. Yeah ..I loved smoking in cabs...  :-(

1 comment:

  1. Wonder if 'Nicorette' really works.... :-/

    Kudos to everyone in Mumbai who's taking an initiative towards a cleaner environment...